Understanding Cooperatives

Revision Information

The Understanding Cooperatives teaching package was first developed in 1989 by USDA’s Agricultural Cooperative Service and consisted of a package of lesson plans, handouts, overhead slides, reference publications and video. The program was then revised in 1997 to reflect feedback from educators using the materials. This latest revision of Understanding Cooperatives was undertaken to update some of the materials and information offered and to reflect changes in reference materials. The package is now entirely contained on this CD, except for the video “How to Start a Cooperative.”

This latest revision was completed in January 2009 by James Wadsworth, Cooperative Programs, USDA Rural Development. james.wadsworth@wdc.usda.gov or Cooperative Programs (coopinfo@wdc.usda.gov)

Craig Scroggs, Cooperative Specialist, Georgia State Rural Development Office, reviewed the package and offered valuable suggestions and edits.

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